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SALT’s ESL Workbook

Seven years in development, the newly revised Somali-English ABC Book is now available. This book is designed for Somali adults who may have never gone to school, who are learning the alphabet, and reading for the first time in their lives. Somali parents are also using the book to teach their children Somali language and culture. In turn, Somali children can help their parents with English.

Each lesson starts in Somali (with translations for the English-speaking tutor’s benefit), then bridges to English. This approach works because Somali and English share essentially the same alphabet. Each page has pictures to aid comprehension. Each lesson has a verse from the Bible, in both English and Somali, highlighting the key word and truth on which Muslims and Christians agree.

$20 each for 1 or 2 copies
$15 each for 3+ copies

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Welcoming the Stranger

by Matthew Soerens and Jenny Hwang (World Relief staff)

“Immigration stands as the metric of whether or not America embraces social justice in the twenty-first century. In Welcoming the Stranger Jenny Hwang and Matt Soerens contextualize the narrative of an issue that requires analysis and discussion not from the extremes of political ideology but rather from a platform of truth, justice and compassion. Jenny and Matt equip us with the necessary acumen to reconcile Romans 13, the rule of law, with Leviticus 19, treating the alien as one of our own. Accordingly, the universal Christian symbol is the cross. The cross is both vertical and horizontal, redemption and transformation, conviction and compassion. This book will challenge us to meet at the point of convergence, the great intersect, where John 3:16 meets Luke 4, immigration via a biblical worldview.” –Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, president, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, The Hispanic NAE

$10 per copy

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