World Relief Minnesota’s Story

a brief history and short stories published in our newsletters

a tale of the past 25 years of World Relief Minnesota


the facts:

World Relief Minnesota (WRM) is an affiliate of World Relief Corporation which was founded in 1944 as the international arm of the National Association of Evangelicals. In 1979, the U.S. State Department recognized World Relief as an agency authorized to resettle refugees with the help of thousands of volunteers and churches in the United States. WRM opened as an affiliate of World Relief Corporation in 1988 to assist in the resettlement of refugees in Minnesota, and became a Minnesota incorporated 501(c)3 in 1992 under the umbrella organization, TransformMN. Since 1988, WRM has grown to include volunteer, church, and educational outreach services, employment services, and immigration services. During the last two decades, WRM has placed about 6500 refugees in Minnesota and assisted as many as 500 refugees annually. WRM has also assisted more than 12,000 with employment and immigration services and English language classes.

the rest of the story:

World Relief Minnesota has hired staff from nearly all the major ethnic groups resettling in Minnesota. They bring language skills and cultural insight. They also bring joy to the working place and share the passion that all the staff have to provide compassionate care. All the while, we remember that these newly arrived strangers are now becoming our neighbors. Just as we bless the sojourners, they bless us.

“Each person, and each culture, has a unique secret. Each is capable of knowing something of God which no one else knows. In the meeting of strangers we have the opportunity to share that treasure with each other.” –Bernard T. Adeney