the Volunteer’s Story

stories from volunteers assisting refugees resettling in Minnesota

here’s some of the stories our volunteers tell:

A woman who has been a Transportation Volunteer since 2008 says:

“Volunteering for World Relief has been one of the highlights of my life over the past two years. We moved to Minneapolis two years ago and I searched for a volunteer organization that would be meaningful to me. I chose World Relief Minnesota for two reasons – it is a Christian organization and it works with refugees. I thought that I had chosen World Relief, but now I realize that God had chosen World Relief for me.

In my eyes, refugees are so brave and so gracious. Most of the volunteer work I have done has been with Karen families. I have travelled in the Thai mountains and can’t imagine coming from them to the urban setting of the Twin Cities. Everything is a first! The first time to ride in a car, the first time in an airplane, seeing people from all over the world who look different, the roadways, the buildings, the schools, the stores. With little or no English language skills, and few if any friends and family, these people are so positive. The loneliness and isolation could be overwhelming. Instead, they carry on with such great faith in the Lord and great trust in the World Relief staff. They have given up family and relationships, leaving the only world they have every known behind and placing the hopes and dreams for themselves and their children in a future in the United States. What an honor it has been to be one of the “first faces” that greet them! I am always amazed at their hope, their determination, and their resilience.”