5 Ways to Engage Your Congregation

pray, educate, preach, welcome, advocate

5 ways to engage your congregation in immigration reform

from Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR) website

1. PRAY for immigration reform by including immigrants in your prayer concerns during worship.

2. EDUCATE church members through small group studies on the causes and realities of immigration issues. Through education you can help dispel fear-inducing myths perpetuated by secular society, such as exaggerating the threat of crime and violence from immigrants or blaming immigrants for taking American jobs.

3. PREACH PROPHETICALLY about the Christian responsibility to speak up for these vulnerable families being torn apart and suffering human indignity because of their status in our country. Give your congregation a strong theological foundation for why immigration reform is a spiritual issue.

4. WELCOME immigrants, refugees, and displaced persons in your community into the life and worship of your church. Set up a mechanism within your church structure to reach out to these persons and connect them with organizations in your community who can provide assistance.

  • Contact World Relief Minnesota to learn more about ways your church can be involved with refugees mnvolunteers@wr.org

5. ADVOCATE for immigrants by contacting y our elected officials so they know that communities of faith in your area encourage them to push for immigration reform.