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Opportunities to serve and befriend refugees here in the Twin Cities

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“I think the family just really appreciates our friendship – having people here, especially not from their own culture, who want to hang out with them and have fun.”
–New Neighbor Volunteer in Exit Questionnaire

For information about our general ongoing opportunities, please see our Volunteer Job Descriptions Page.

Particular Volunteer Needs
updated 7/17/2013

Along with our ongoing volunteer opportunities, we have recently received some specific volunteer requests:

1. A young, Karen wife and mother of four will require major surgery sometime in August or September.  The family arrived in Minnesota in April 2013; she, nor her family members, speak English but they are in great need of a helping hand during the surgery time and recovery.  This volunteer opportunity is open to an individual or family that is willing and able to provide transportation to and from the hospital for her husband and the children to visit.  Other service opportunities may include: providing childcare assistance when her husband would like to accompany her to medical appointments, ensuring her prescriptions are picked up from the pharmacy, staying informed on recovery recommendations and medical advice, and providing reliable support and friendship amidst cultural and language barriers. This may be a great opportunity for someone who has a very flexible schedule and can be available for several hours 2 days per week during, and immediately after, the surgery.  Medical  experience would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. To learn more about this opportunity, please email Molly at


2. A single Somali man arrived to Minnesota in early July and is currently living in Minneapolis with other single male roommates.  He speaks English and is looking for a friend who is willing to help orient him to the community, practice English, and assist with job search.  To learn more about requirements for this opportunity, please refer to the New Neighbor Volunteer Position Description.


3. A Somali family of 6 arrived in November and is living in NE Minneapolis.  Most of the family members speak English and would like additional practice.  One family member would like assistance applying to college. To learn more about requirements for this opportunity, please refer to the New Neighbor Volunteer Position Description.


4.  There are several families from Burma arriving this month who will live in St. Paul and would benefit from  a New Neighbor to help with practical, every-day tasks as they resettle in MN.  To learn more about requirements for this opportunity, please refer to the New Neighbor Volunteer Position Description.


5. Bus Guide – Many of our refugee families in both St. Paul and Minneapolis are looking for help learning the bus particularly to and from their English classes and employment counselors. They are very eager to start their lessons and job search, but must learn how to get there first! WRM is looking for volunteers who are patient, good at communicating with a language barrier, and willing to travel by bus around the cities to assist these families.


Each of these opportunities would be a weekly commitment. To learn more about the general description and requirements, please refer to the New Neighbor Volunteer Position Description.

Contact Molly Dancer at or 612-746-5661 for more information.

“The thing that really stands out for me is how kind the family has been to me. They really respect my
time and always express gratitude for my efforts to help them, and they always offer food too. They’re very sweet.”

–New Neighbor Volunteer in Exit Questionnaire

Getting Started:

You can utilize the “volunteer” button in the sidebar to the right to start the process of volunteering with World Relief Minnesota. For more information on the on-line application process, visit the “Volunteer Application Process” page.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact our Volunteer Coordinator: or 612-798-4332

“Before this experience, I really didn’t know much about refugees and why they have come to the US. I used to think it was just to escape poverty, but it is so much more than that. So my eyes have been opened to understanding people who are coming from those situations and to appreciate how fortunate I have been to be born in a country where I know that I can go about my day and know I will be safe and free. “

–New Neighbor Volunteer in Exit Questionnaire